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HR Tracking Database Software

HR Tracking Database Software for employee and job information for businesses
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27 June 2015

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Often the success of an organization is intrinsically linked with how it manages its employees. It is crucial to accurately track and manage employee records in an effectual manner and same can be achieved with the help of the HR Tracking Database Software 2.4.4. Loaded with a host of features tailored to store and administer HR data, this versatile application can serve as the primary data repository for your human resources department. Further it offers you chance to seamlessly organize the data and store it in a secure manner.

When you start the HR Tracking Database Software 2.4.4 application, you would be greeted with a neat interface and a whole array of options. You can start by adding your employee data into the application and it also allows you to import data from excel sheets. Using the employee ID, you can associate an employee records with his training details and wage hours. From awards to disciplinary action, nearly every HR activity that you conceive of has been included in the application. You can also seamlessly track the leaves and missing work hours for specific employees. Moreover offers you intricate filters to dig out specific data and even set the application as per the organizational structure of your firm. The application also allows you to generate effectual reports based on your requirements and can drilldown by location. Using this software you attach all employee details such as their bio data or medical details and thus avoid the need of keeping paper records.

Overall we find the HR Tracking Database Software 2.4.4 as a potent tool and mark it with a score of four rating stars for its well thought out feature set. The tool is ideally suitable for small and medium sized companies which can use it in lieu of expensive HR ERP modules.

Publisher's description

HR Tracking Database Software for employee and job information for businesses
HR Tracking Database Software by DB-Pros, Inc. was designed to administer HR and employment data with instant results, while maintaining the accuracy and security that is required for modern business. It is an ideal solution for small to medium sized organizations and growing businesses alike.
Benefits of DB-Pros, Inc.'s HR Tracking Database Software:
-Manage confidential HR information in a powerful secure desktop database
-Search, sort and filter critical employee and job history data instantly
-Preserve emergency contact information in electronic format and paper copies
-Run and print essential reports for your organization, filter by your criteria
-Maintain detailed wage and position history for every member in your staff
-Attach important documents and attachments directly to the employee's file - no more searching for lost files - keep them all in one database at your fingertips
-Record disciplinary action(s) and use reporting to ensure proper follow-up and compliance
-Scalable and flexible custom database design can handle from one to thousands of employee records, with no extra cost to you
-Secure and hosted completely on your network - keep your business information safe and private
-Finally Administer HR Information Like An Industry Professional!
HR Tracking Database Software
HR Tracking Database Software
Version 2.4.5
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